Navigating Disaster is Out!

by Sheryl StGermain

If you have ever been lost and away from home, if you have ever gone to war, if you have ever come home to a world you no longer fit into, or addicted to the beauties and dangers of the world; if you have ever refused to be displaced, if you are the prodigal son or daughter in your family's story, Navigating Disaster will tell part of your story.—Darrell Bourque

Like many forces of nature, Navigating Disaster starts with a low hum and builds to a crescendo that tectonically shifts your world. Its honesty illuminates darkness, begs for light, and confirms that we desperately need a writer like Sheryl St. Germain to paint for us the beautiful and necessary chiaroscuro we live daily. Too many books are called brave. This book is downright seductive. It will embrace you, make you feel new things, and leave you a little bit changed by the time it ends.—BK Loren